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"Thanks for getting me the sixpence so fast. We're eloping Friday night and I need all the luck I can get!"

Mary, Florida

I just want to say how impressed I am with your service and kindness!!!...I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this!!! Planning a wedding is quite a feat and most vendors are hard to work with. Your follow up and professionalism was the best I have seen! Thanks again and I will come again to shop online.

Sincerely, Geneiveve

Whoever took care of our problem this weekend is our hero! I emailed you on Friday because our sixpence had mistakenly been mailed to a lady in Florida-- we live in Spring, Texas. The wedding was yesterday. I had resigned myself to not having a sixpence in time for the wedding.To our surprise, UPS delivered the sixpence to us on Saturday morning. Nowadays, it's almost unheard of for a business to try so hard to please their customers. We were thrilled! Although this tradition is a small part of the wedding, it meant so much to the bride when I handed her the sixpence---just one of those stories that make memories.

Thank you, Melba

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent and prompt service I recieved when ordering my Silver sixpence items. They arrived at the beginning of this week and I am delighted with both the cufflinks I ordered for my future husband and the sixpence for in my bridal shoes! We will require all the wealth we can get after the cost of our wedding! How strange that 'English' sixpences had to come all the way from the States, to me here, actually in England! I was directed to your site whilst researching wedding customs on the internet and will recomend your products to family and friends in the future. Once again thank-you I am so pleased to have these items to bring luck on my wedding day.

Best Regards Haley

The sixpence pendants we received today are beautiful and I know my attendants will cherish them.

Thanks a million. Jennifer, Oregon

My father loved his sixpence money clip. He just wished that had been a thousand dollar bill. We all needed a great laugh.

Carol, New York

I noticed from the postmark you shipped my order the day that it was placed. I hope everything for my daughter's wedding goes that smooth. My daughter loves that the sixpence is dated when her grandmother was married.

Anne, Colorado

I thank you for shipping so fast. You are a genuinely nice company with whom to do business. I shall be a voice of positivism for you,


I wanted to tell you how much my new wife loved the gold coin pendant. It totally blew her away. And finding a sixpence with her mom's birthday topped the cake. You're making me look good.

Dave, Michigan

I emailed you at 5:39PM on a Saturday (a Saturday!), and you responded at 6:06PM. It doesn't get any better than that.

I know you had to jump through hoops to get our gifts to us on such short notice. When her sisters get married we'll be back to Silver Sixpence! .

Jan, Washington

I just wanted to let you know that it has been three years since I bought a six pence from you guys for my wedding and I want to thank you so much it! It has been in two other weddings as well because EVERYBODY wants to borrow it to finish the "something old, something new..." I also bought the necklace sixpence and I have goodluck everytime I wear it. Thank you so much for my sixpence, it turning out to be a wonderful family heirloom.

Thanks, Shawna